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Prographica / KDR Gallery is pleased to announce two joint solo exhibitions, opening January 3rd: Perambulations, by Evelyn Woods and Big Story, by Caroline Kapp, marking the first solo exhibitions for both artists at the gallery.

The autumn and winter landscapes that most intrigue Evelyn Woods and are the focus of her exhibition Perambulations.  We walk alongside the artist through the rain and snow, as time slows and our attention is directed to the micro: light moving across and within a tangle of reeds. The stark beauty of the barren landscape in its stripped down structure and subdued color are evidenced in the paintings and drawings that comprise the exhibition.

“The physical process of putting paint to canvas furthers my connection to the world around me. I’m more interested in composing with a micro rather than a macro perspective, that in turn reveals all that remains in the winter landscape - life, pattern, rhythm, color and depth.” -Evelyn Woods

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